Top 5 Free OCR Scanner Applications for Android and iOS in 2022

Free OCR Scanner Applications

OCR scanning is a straightforward yet powerful technology that allows you to convert your text into searchable and editable digital files. However, despite the simplicity of the OCR process, the tools that carry out the OCR scanning confuse people a lot because of the availability of several options. So, in these busy times, everyone does not have time to try all the applications. That is why we have decided to review the top 5 free OCR scanner applications for Android and iOS in 2022. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Free OCR Scanner Applications for Android and iOS in 2022:

1.    Image to Text – OCR by Prepostseo:

The first application on this list is the best free OCR app for Android because of its accuracy. Its name is Image to Textdesigned by Prepostseo.

Image to Text OCR by Prepostseo
1.	Image to Text – OCR by Prepostseo

The image-to-text extractor of Prepostseo is the Android version of Prepostseo’s image-to-text converter. So, no wonder why it is the most accurate application on this list.

Like most OCR applications, this application allows you to capture an image from the smartphone’s camera in real-time or pick an existing image from the gallery. Once the OCR algorithm of this application has extracted the text from the picture, it will allow you to either copy the text to the clipboard or share it with your colleagues and team members via email.

But that’s not it. You can also use the text-to-speech functionality of this application, which will speak the extracted text. This way, you can proofread whether the extracted text is correct or not.

The image-to-text extractor of Prepostseo can keep the history of your OCR sessions. So, you can use the text extracted from the previous OCR session in your current sessionUnlike its web version, this application can only extract text from images that contain English language and numerical text
This application is the best scanner app for Android users because it works with receipts, certificates, images captured from books and normal images that contain textsThere is no support for multiple images in this Android application
With one click, you can copy or share the extracted textI couldn’t find the iOS version of this application
With one click, you can clear the contents of extracted text 
No account creation Required 
It can speak the extracted text, which makes it easier to identify if the extracted text is accurate 

2.    Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner:

The second spot on this top 5 free OCR scanner applications for Android and iOS in 2022 list belongs to a cross-platform application called “Microsoft Lens PDF Scanner.

Microsoft Lens

Like Google Lens, Microsoft Lens is the standalone OCR application of Microsoft that allows its users to extract text from images on the fly. Being a cross-platform app, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

The simplicity of this application catches the user’s attention because, unlike other applications that give a startup tour or ask users to sign in, this application straightaway gets to the image capturing screen. So, users can skip all the fuss and scan their documents without wasting time.

What’s more interesting about this application is that you can also use it from other Microsoft applications. So, if you are already using Microsoft Word or any other similar application, you won’t have to download this application. Instead, you can utilize the OCR functionality from Microsoft Word or other similar applications.

Unlike the first application, you can extract text from multiple images in Microsoft LensMicrosoft Lens can also read out the text from images. But this feature is only available to Microsoft users
The OCR engine of Microsoft Lens provides accurate results with most imagesThe document management of Microsoft Lens is poor unless you are a Microsoft user because you can only effectively manage documents through the other applications of Microsoft
Microsoft Lens lets you edit the images to increase their accuracy before extracting text from them. So, it is the best free app to scan and edit documents for iOS and Android usersThe text extraction of Microsoft Lens only works with an internet connection
You can copy the extracted text to the clipboard and share it with others through different communication channelsThe OCR engine of Microsoft Lens only works for images that contain English and numerical text
Unlike the first application, Microsoft Lens can also extract text from PDF files 
Microsoft Lens offers several scanning modes to its users to answer their diverse needs 

3.    vFlat Scan – PDF Scanner, OCR:

The third application on this best OCR app free for Android and iOS users list is another cross-platform application. called “vFlat Scan – PDF Scanner, OCR.

vFlat Scan

vFlat Scan is a cross-platform book OCR scanner that allows you to place all the images to be scanned in one folder and extract text from it. So, unlike Microsoft Lens and the OCR application of Prepostseo, vFlat Scan has effective document management. Due to its effective document management, it is the ideal application to extract text from multiple images without signing into Microsoft or any other platform.

This application works without the need to sign into any account. But that’s not it because even as an unregistered user, you will not see any ads or have watermarks in your files. So, its functionalities are too good to be true.

Once you have extracted text through this application, you can copy the extracted text to the clipboard, share it with other users and create a PDF of the extracted text. So, this application provides several features to its users.

vFlat Scan eliminates the need for manually cropping the documents because it can automatically crop them by recognizing their bordersCompared to Microsoft Lens and the Image-to-Text OCR application of Prepostseo, its functionality is a bit more complex
This tool is ideal for scanning text from books because it has ‘Single Page,’ ‘Two Pages’ and ‘Auto’ modes for scanning text from booksThe text extraction of vFlat Scan only works with an internet connection
Once you have extracted text, you can create its PDF, copy it to the clipboard, or directly share it with others 
You can even search for a particular keyword in the extracted text 
vFlat Scan supports multiple images. However, you won’t have to sign in to any specific platform to manage the extracted text from various photos. Instead, it automatically does that by importing each image-to-be-extracted into a folder and extracting text from there 
vFlat Scan can automatically apply ‘Finger Removal,’ ‘Auto Crop’ and ‘Image Enhancement’ effects to images 
Unlike the first two applications, the OCR engine of vFlat Scan is accurate enough to recognize the text written in languages other than English and in numeric form 

4.    Adobe Scan – PDF Scanner, OCR:

The fourth application on this list is one of the most highly rated PDF and OCR scanners. However, I have put it in the fourth spot due to its availability to registered users only called “Adobe Scan – PDF Scanner, OCR.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is like the Microsoft Lens because it also offers several scanning modes to its users, such as simple document scanning, scanning content from business cards and scanning content from a whiteboard directly. So, the working and results of its OCR engine go head-to-head with Microsoft Lens’ OCR engines. However, the reason for putting it in the fourth spot is its requirement to sign in to specific platforms before using it.

Once you have signed into this application, you can scan text from images and Adobe Scan will make the text editable and clickable. For example, if your picture has some URLs, you can navigate to those URLs upon text extraction.

Being a cross-platform application, Android and iOS users can easily download this application from Google Play Store or App Store.

Compared to the OCR engine of the above applications, Adobe Scan had a few hiccups when extracting numerical text. However, the overall results were not too shabbyYou can only edit the extracted text from a PDF file with a premium plan
Besides text extraction, Adobe Scan offers some additional features, like Adding password protection to PDF filesCombining and compressing PDF filesExporting text to Microsoft WordAdobe Scan is not an entirely free tool, as the advanced features of this application are only accessible to premium users
As mentioned earlier, it is one of the closest counterparts to Microsoft Lens. But its file management makes it more valuable than Microsoft Lens 
Upon extracting a picture with URLs, Adobe Scan makes the URLs clickable 

5.    Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner):

The last spot on this top 5 free OCR scanner applications for Android and iOS in 2022 list belongs to a standalone Android application. called “Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner).

Text Fairy

The Text Fairy (OCR Scanner) is an entirely free Android application that allows users to edit an image before extracting text from it. Like other applications, users can capture photos (in real-time) or pick an image from the gallery to extract text.

Once you have extracted text from an image, you can share the text with other applications, copy the text to the clipboard, translate the text with Google Translate or export the extracted text in a PDF file. So, it offers plenty of options to its users.

Besides text extraction from an image, you can manage the previously scanned files by deleting, editing and joining them.

The OCR engine of Text Fairy is advanced enough to recognize complex areas in a document, such as text columnsIt displays annoying ads, which ruins the entire user experience of this application
This application can extract text from multilingual imagesCompared to the above applications, the user interface of this application is unattractive
You can translate the extracted text to any other language because Text Fairy has the integrated functionality of ‘Google Translate’ 
Unlike most applications on this list, this application can also work offline. So, an internet connection is not necessary to extract text from it 
You can proofread the extracted text by using the text-to-speech functionality 

Conclusion – Final Verdict:

Using an OCR application is just one of the ways to improve productivity in the daily routine of a professional or student. However, people always go for renowned companies when picking an OCR application. As a result, they do not get satisfying results from those applications. Therefore, this blog post contains some hidden gems.

One hidden gem among the OCR applications is the ‘Image to Text – OCR’ from Prepostseo. This application was the most accurate in my testing – even more accurate than Adobe Scan and Microsoft Lens. However, if accuracy is not your concern and you want fast results, I recommend going with the ‘Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner.

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