What to do if the canon mx920 is offline or paused. If the canon printer is offline and at the same time. If it stopped printing, then you can try to solve this problem yourself. Without resorting to the help of the wizard. Of course, if you are new to the settings of your device and have little understanding of its device. The following guidelines should generally help you solve the printer offline problem described.

Possible reasons, if the printer is paused, then the most likely reason that it is in this state is if the USB cable or power cable is temporarily unplugged. It is for this reason that the PC operating system automatically takes your canon mx920 offline. It is also possible that the USB cable is simply not connected.

These were typical and most common reasons, but it happens that the autonomous operation of the printer is turned on due to other problems. For example, this could be caused by a paper jam in the feed tray. Also, fixing printer offline problems occur when using a network printer in which a communication failure has occurred.

How do I get my canon mx920 printer back online

If the canon mx920 printer says is offline and you need to take it out of this state, then be guided by the sources of such a malfunction. The printer does not work normally due to the connected USB cable check ijsetup canon printer. In such a situation, just take and connect this cable connecting the device and the PC, and then make sure that everything falls into place. In printer offline case, the message that the printer is offline will disappear by itself. If it’s not a USB cable, then to remove the Offline mode from the printer, do the following:

Go to “Start” to the menu “Devices and Printers” for Windows 7, “Printers and Faxes” for Windows XP, “Hardware and Sound” => “Printers” for Windows Vista and “Hardware and Sound” => “Devices and Printers »For Windows 8 and later OS.

Select your device from the list of available devices and double-click on it to open the menu bar. Find the “Printer” button in the printer menu and uncheck the “Work” offline “checkbox, as a result of which this mode should be disabled. Then be sure to try printing some test pages.

Why is my canon mx920 printer offline

If this “printer is paused, what to do” problem is still relevant to you. Then stuck jobs may be the cause. The fact is that the files sent for printing cannot be printed for some reason. As a result, they accumulate in the tasks of the device and the device starts to stop working normally. This switches the canon mx920 printer from offline to online.

To solve this problem, go to the control panel of your device and, after making sure that there are documents accumulated in the queue, delete them. To do this, use one of the following methods. In the printer PU, click on “Printer” and in the list that opens, click on “Clear print queue”. Right-click each file in the queue, then click cancel and remove documents from the queue. Now, try to send a document for printing and make sure that the device is working in the same mode.