Epson error 0x97 is caused by an internal hardware issue. When you are experiencing a hardware problem, you can do a lot of work, and try to clean the maximum print nozzle. There are some workarounds for the problem but as you have already guessed, there is no permanent solution except replacement or replacement and download Epson error code 0x97 and fix it.

Epson Error Code 0x97 fix

There is no doubt that Epson printers are some of the best printers you can find on the market these days. But best doesn’t mean perfect. There is a high chance that you will fall victim to error code 0x97. If you use your Epson printer Error, especially for a long time. Error code 0x97 can occur at any time without any warning or signs. Usually this error appears on the printer with an indicator to turn off and on the printer. Usually this error code is displayed during printing and your printer stops printing after that. Therefore, as long as this error continues to appear, you will not be able to use your printer.

How to fix Epson 0x97 error

Epson error 0x97 is due to an internal hardware problem. Few Epson models that are known to have this hardware problem when their motherboard suddenly crashes. There are not many things you can do if you encounter a hardware problem. Some workarounds for this problem, but as you might have guessed, there is no permanent solution other than repairing or getting a replacement.

Try the methods below to troubleshoot and fix the problem, but if all else fails, then your last choice is to try the last method.

Fix Epson Printer Error code in windows

The steps below require some technical knowledge on how to open and use your printer. If you are unsure, refer to the manual that came with your printer, as the steps may differ depending on the model.

  • Open the printer housing and check for jammed paper or debris. If you find anything, delete it.
  • Remove all cartridges
  • Disconnect all USB and cables
  • With the printer turned off, press the power button as if you were trying to turn on the printer.
  • Now reconnect all USB and power cable
  • Turn on the printer and check for errors

Epson wf-3640 error code 0x97 fix patch

This method is a variation of Method 1. Therefore, if Method 1 does not work, try this method to confirm whether the error is caused by an internal hardware failure or not.

  • Turn off the printer
  • Disconnect all cables
  • wait for 5 minutes
  • Press and hold the power button for more than 60 seconds (DO NOT release it)
  • When more than 60 seconds have passed, plug in the power cord while holding down the power button
  • Keep the power button pressed for another 60 seconds (after connecting the power cable)
  • Release the power button after 60 seconds of connection
  • Now check if the error code is displayed on the printer.

Error code 0x97 download

In some cases, Epson Error Code 0x97 may be displayed due to waste ink around the sprayer. Cleaning this waste ink with a damp cloth sometimes solves the problem. Follow the instructions below to complete the cleaning procedure.

Note: This method requires little technical knowledge and may not be suitable for everyone. If you are unsure, contact a technician and consult the manual that came with your printer for help.

  • Turn off the printer
  • Open the printer case
  • Take a napkin and dampen it with warm water
  • Now move your head to the center
  • Place a tissue on the mechanical head cleaning pillow
  • Move your head to the parking spot
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Now remove the fabric and close everything. Turn on the printer and check if the problem persists. Repeat this method 3 times if it doesn’t work the first time.

how do i fix epson wf 7620 error code 0x97

The last resort to solve this problem, unfortunately, is to contact support. If this is indeed a hardware glitch, then literally nothing can be done. Even the repair costs will cost you more than the printer itself, or at least in this situation, they will not be cost effective to you.