Epson ecotank et-3760 wireless setup

epson ecotank et 3760 wireless setup
epson ecotank et 3760 wireless setup

This article explains how to setup Epson ecotank et-3760 printer to a wireless network. Click on the desktop start button desktop start buttonand see “devices and printer” option click on it. In printers control panel to select wireless settings. Before you start make sure you do not have a paper jam,  scanner error, and wireless network already setup your network may include one or more computers or devices.

An internet modem connected to a router before making connection make sure that your router is wireless. Now let’s epson et-3760 wireless setup and add it to your network. When you’re done you’ll be able to print wirelessly from your computer. You can add the ability to print from another laptop later on.

Follow the steps on the et-3760 start here sheet shows on canon com ij/setup When you get here install your printer software download and run the Epson software package from the Epson support site.

How to epson et-3760 wireless setup on Network

Open the setup drivers bundle and click to install follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. This can take several minutes at this screen select wireless connection. Click next at this screen. Select setup printer on laptop  for the first time. Click next if the Installer is able to detect your wireless settings. You see the windows 10 screen and select yes and click next.

Follow the on-screen instructions the Installer will automatically connect the product on your wireless network.  Your setup is now complete if the Installer is unable to detect your wireless settings.  Select using control panel and flick next you will need your wireless networks username and password in order to setup your printer this information will automatically appear on the screen.

How do I connect my epson et 3750 to Wi-Fi

If your computer is connected to a wireless network. Click show network password to display the password then copy down the wireless network name and password exactly as shown on screen. When you’re done click next.  See the screen look at your printers control panel and press the home button. Now press the up arrow button and the right arrow button to select the network icon. Press ok and select Wi-Fi recommended then again press ok to select start setup.

Press ok again to select Wi-Fi setup wizard press the up or down arrow button to select your networks name. Again click ok again to select the inter password field next enter your wireless password. Arrow buttons to highlight a character then press ok. Now Epson printer is connected to your wireless network

Epson et-3760 wireless setup troubleshooting

Follow the rest of the instructions on the computer screen to finish installing the software you are now ready to print wirelessly via Wi-Fi. If you want to print from another computer download and run the Epson printer drivers and software package from the Epson support site. Desktop screen select the printer is already on wireless network.

Steps to follow the instructions on the windows or mac laptop screen to install the software and repeat above process for additional computers  to add. Therefore, you are now ready to print wirelessly from your computers.

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