10 Benefits from Technology That Has Made Our Life Easier

10 Benefits from Technology That Has Made Our Life Easier

Let’s be honest here; we rely heavily on technology in modern times. It would be safe to say that human beings have become technological creatures. Although, if need be, we can still survive without modern technology, it would be tough. But have you ever wondered how technology has changed our life for the better? Well, this is what we will be talking about here. However, it would be near impossible to cover everything technology has done to make our lives easier. So, we will only talk about 10 of the best benefits from technology that has made our life easier.

10 benefits from technology that has made our life easier

Before we begin, we must be clear that technology can be anything that uses knowledge for practical purposes. This includes even a basic thing such as a rock knife. So when we say technology, we are talking about modern technology here rather than old ones.

That said, we should not discount the fact that the core of every technology is to simplify our effort, multiply results, and give us information that our human capacity cannot perceive.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of technology.

1) Save Lives

Saving a life is undoubtedly the biggest benefit we get from technology. How can we discount the fact that without medicine – a boon from technology, living would be extremely hard? A small cut can turn into an infection, and a small fever can become a deadly disease.

Furthermore, any accident can be fatal without technology since there would be no devices or medicines to save our lives. Besides the major incidents, let’s not forget that the human bodies are very bad at producing vitamins, and we need to rely on fruits and vegetables produced by implementing technology to fulfill this need. Without this, our bodies will easily succumb to various diseases.

2) Better Communication

The world is now a global village. In modern times, we can get information from across the globe with just a single push of a button through social media. But imagine what the world would be without this easy communication.

Back in the old days, the primary method of communication was letters, which could take months to reach their destination. Not only did this prevent important news from getting through, but it also made life harder in general.

3) Better Information Access

There was a time when only the rich and privileged had access to information. While there were a lot of factors for this, one of the biggest ones was the lack of technology. The best method of spreading / gaining legit information was through word of mouth, and it was not reliable before modern technology.

Sure, there were written documents, but each document had to be handwritten, which took time and effort. But with modern technology, we can easily find a bunch of information within a few taps. Technology has made information easily accessible.

4) Discovery

When you combine better communication and easy access to information, you unlock a new ability from technology – new discovery.

Discovering something new takes a lot of effort from multiple groups of people. Furthermore, some discoveries need the aid of specific machinery. Technology has enabled researchers to access information for easy reference, share their research data through easy communication and provide scientists with the required devices for newer discoveries.

If you are wondering how discovery benefits us, think about what our life would have been like if medicines were never discovered. Everything we take for granted now was a product of discovery in the past.

5) Increased Productivity

This is a benefit of advancements of technology that is out in the open. Over the past decade, technology has advanced rapidly, and we can see a rise in productivity. Website development and digital marketing have increased the productivity of businesses, better machinery has increased the productivity of factories, and easier access to information has boosted the productivity of students.

6) Better security

There was a time when we needed to fear the wild, but not anymore. Technology has made our living space a lot safer. We have strong walls to protect us from the elements and security cameras to monitor our surroundings when we are not around for our safety. But the benefits from technology advancement for our safety is not limited to better physical safety either.

With the invention of a digital wallet, ATM, and credit card, we also have financial security. They do not provide access to your finances without your approval, and you can carry them anywhere you want. Sure, there are still some risks involved, but it is far safer than carrying a bag full of coins with the risk of getting robbed out in the open.

7) Better mobility

Humans are not the most durable of living beings, and we need a constant supply of energy and rest to travel long distances. The good news is that we do not need to rely solely on our physical capability to travel far. We can get on a vehicle and zoom across a wide area.

Even before the invention of modern vehicles, we could still travel conveniently through carriages, a pretty good technology for the olden days.

8) Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency is a side benefit of technology advancements when combining everything we have mentioned. Better mobility allows us to travel more quickly to our destination, and better productivity enables us to do more. Along with this, we can do better and grow our skills with better information and communication through social media. Add better security to this list, and boom, we remove all our worries so we can focus on our tasks.

Furthermore, advancements in technology are constantly coming up with new methods and devices to make our work easier and save time, leading to increased work efficiency.

9) Cost Effectiveness

By this point, it should not surprise anyone that technology has made things cheaper. The price of any object is calculated based on production time, the value of materials and labor cost. Since technology has drastically reduced production time and labor costs, everything in the world is much cheaper compared to the past. In addition, with technology, we can create synthetic versions of many rare materials, which further increases the cost-effectiveness.

10) Better Entertainment

Better Entertainment

Of course, we have included entertainment on this list. Without entertainment, half of the world would be bored to the extreme. Technology has undoubtedly increased our level of entertainment through better games, apps, and platforms to engage ourselves.

Although people have always found ways to seek entertainment from the most mundane of stuff, let’s be honest here: technology has improved our life by providing easy entertainment such as games in particular.


In the course of evolution, humans sacrificed better bodies, natural weapons, and protection in favor of technology. We took the path of technology and with time, we are only diving deep into this pool with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We are the dominant species on earth for a reason – and the reason is the benefits we took from our ever-expanding technology to shape the world as per our needs!

We hope you found this entertaining and informative. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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