123 hp com setup

123 hp com setup
123 hp com setup

Steps to download printer drivers and setup on any operating system windows, mac, and mobile etc.  First, search for printer model and turn the printer power on.

  • Install hp easy start and complete setup process.
  • Check the .exe hp easy start file on screen bottom bar and click to run the software.

Further, follow the screen instruction. 123 hp com setup any printer model easily on Wi-Fi, once create the account and register the printer model.

Setup 123 hp com – Hp smart app (Quick installation)

For easy setup and installation go to 123.hp.com. A screen shows the search bar on the website where is written enter your printer model to access the drivers and installation guide.

  • Now enter your hp printer model and search for it.

A screen shows the with install hp smart app. Before, any further steps turn the printer on and click to install hp smart button. App is available for windows and mac along with Google play for Android and App Store for iPhone.

  • Install the hp smart app software as per computer specifications.
  • Create or login in the account and register your hp printer model.
  • Now, connect hp printer to Wi-Fi and any device.

Steps to setup 123 hp com on wireless network

  • Make sure printer is on and click on the printer display menu screen.
  • Click on the Network and search for available network.
  • Touch on the local network and connect with printer.
  • Printer screen says it is connected and ready to printer on wireless network or router.
  • Further, download and install the smart app for printer drivers and quick for 123 hp com setup and installation.

Install hp wireless printer on computer (Windows built-in driver)

There is two methods to install hp com setup printer on windows  by system in-built drivers and hp smart app. Search in windows for Change device installation settings and select yes (recommended). Go to the printer touch screen and open setup>network>wireless setting. Follow the screen and enter the username and password.  In case or wired printer connect router cable with the printer and port must be connected properly. Now open the windows printers and scanners and add printer. Click to add your local printer.

  • Install hp printer with USB.

Connect Ethernet to the printer and turn on printer. Windows right bottom bar icon search for new software. It installed by Windows.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to do 123.hp.com/setup to download hp software?
Ans: Open web browser and type 123.hp.com and type your hp printer model in the website search bar. Now download the software as per your operating version.

Q: How to 123.hp.com/setup for mac?
Ans: Go to the website 123.hp.com/setup and type your printer model. Download printer software as per mac. Next, open the unzip drivers folder and click on the .exe setup file.

Q: Steps to Connect HP Printer to WiFi
Ans: Go to the wireless printer control panel and click on the wifi icon on the printer. Let printer search for the local available wireless network.
click on our router name and enter the password and SSID. thus, printer connect to the WiFi.

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